CDR Dicom 4.5 Full

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CDR DICOM is onze digitale radiografie software gebaseerd op de open standaard DICOM.
DICOM biedt een gemeenschappelijke taal voor medische hulpmiddelen om beelden en andere patiënt-gerelateerde informatie uit te wisselen.

Gebaseerd op Client / Server architectuur, biedt CDR DICOM verhoogde betrouwbaarheid, centrale opslag van gegevens, meer veiligheid, de mogelijkheid om te groeien en extra hardware / behandelkamers toe te voegen naar mate de praktijk groeit.
Daarnaast is CDRServer een standalone applicatie en welke door de praktijk management software gebruikt kan worden, voor het weergeven van de patiënt en beeldgegevens.

CDR Dicom 4.5 Full CDR Dicom 4.5 Full

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We have provided this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list to inform you of the most commonly requested facts regarding CDR DICOM. If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

  1. What makes CDR DICOM unique?
  2. Is CDR DICOM compatible with my existing practice management software?
  3. What does the acronym DICOM mean?

  1. What makes CDR DICOM unique?
    Unlike other digital radiography software, CDR DICOM uses no proprietary image file formats. All images acquired originate in the universal DICOM file format. This ensures image authenticity and universal compatibility.

  2. Is CDR DICOM compatible with my existing practice management software?
    CDR DICOM works with virtually every practice management software currently available. In fact, Schick’s policy is to cooperate with any legitimate software company (primary business being dental software) wishing to integrate our system into their software. A software developers kit is available for download from this website, free of charge.

  3. What does the acronym DICOM mean?
    DICOM Stands for "Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine". It is the universal standard developed by the medical industry to ensure all different types of acquisition devices could communicate and different practitioners would be able to view one another’s images. Currently, an ADA-sponsored taskforce is developing a standard for the dental industry. Schick is actively involved in this taskforce and is committed to meeting and exceeding this standard. More information regarding DICOM can be found at

CDR DICOM User Manuals

The following CDR DICOM documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf). If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it from Adobe's Web Site.

Our non-DICOM manuals can be found here.


Quick Start Guide for CDR DICOM 4.5

Describes software installation, including support for CDR devices on Windows Vista, illustrates new HTML software installation pages, and updates system requirements.

CDR DICOM 4.5 Quick Start Guide (220KB, posted 10/27/09)

Using New Features in CDR DICOM 3.5

Explains how to use the new features found in this version of CDR DICOM software. Topics include: Image compression; PerfectShot; direct database access; and Universal Integrator.

New Features in CDR 3.5 (2504KB, posted 6/15/04)

Database Design and Description for CDR DICOM

Intended for network and database administrators. Describes the content and structure of database tables defined in CDR DICOM software and the steps needed to incorporate these elements into Sybase and Microsoft SQL databases.

Database Design Document for CDR DICOM (154KB)

Quick Start Guide for CDR DICOM 3.5 

Provides general information, configuration, and startup instructions for CDR DICOM software.

CDR DICOM 3.5 Quick Start Guide (66KB, posted 6/15/04)

Strategies for Converting Images to DICOM

Provides answers to general questions about converting images to DICOM format and instructions for using the Data Conversion utility.

Strategies for Converting Images to DICOM (88KB, posted 6/15/04)

CDR DICOM User Guide

Serves as a reference source for features in CDR DICOM for Windows software.

CDR DICOM User Guide (1354KB, posted 6/15/04)

Installing CDR Hardware in CDR DICOM Systems

Intended for first-time CDR users with CDR DICOM software. Users who have already set up CDR hardware in their practices do not need to reinstall their hardware. For them, this document can be used for reference, as needed.

Installing CDR Hardware in CDR DICOM Systems (216KB, posted 6/15/04)